myself and smokey bear


I am a socially responsible designer who provides high-quality, affordable services to nonprofit and small businesses and is committed to supporting organizations that improve our world and positively impact our local community.

I have worked with organizations such as yours for many years and gained first-hand insight into nonprofit organizations’ unique needs. I can provide small businesses and nonprofits with high-quality products that fit within their budget constraints. That is why my scalable fee structure is a better value than that of traditional firms.

My goal is to

  • help nonprofits successfully communicate with clients, donors, and volunteers
  • reduce prohibitive design costs so nonprofits and small businesses can clearly and consistently broadcast their messages
  • improve the quality and effectiveness of graphic design in nonprofit and small business communities.
  • serve as a design and communications resource

2 thoughts on “Cause Design & Marketing

  1. Hi Mikayle–I’ve added you to the CFA Munch Night list. Nothing planned for the immediate future but probably this winter we’ll start up again. Meanwhile, I’m also connected with Thompson’s Mills Preservation Society. Our website is Maybe there is a connection, there?

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