Why am I traveling Oregon?

1a corvallis
Leaving Corvallis

How did this all start? Struggling with the fact that my daughter was turning 18, graduating from high school and recently having a health scare, I asked myself, why wait for retirement to do my dream trip? With advice from my daughter’s father, I applied for an Adobe Creative Residency. Unfortunately, I was not selected but all the planning was complete. My proposal was to visit 52 small Oregon towns/areas in 52 weeks. I had the whole year planned, mapped out, and budgeted. My interactive proposal was a struggle  due to having a very old laptop, But I submitted my application and proposal hoping they knew I was applying to learn and grow. When I did not receive the residency, I decided to dedicate that summer to traveling and doing a mini-version of my proposal in several legs.

My launchpad was my last day of the three months I spent working with 2 companies in Corvallis. I packed up, drove up to Corvallis and wrapped up a few projects and hit the road! See my trip from Amity to Vernonia follow along my current journey on Instagram or Facebook. #mikayletravelsoregon

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